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For the list of rules please visit the OzRust Discord found here




Patreon Perks

$20 Per Month

    PTOP Rank In-Game
    Large Billboards Max 16x16
    4 Bank Slots
    1x Quarry in /kit PatreonQuarry
    1x Quarry & 1x Pumpjack in /kit QUARRY
    20 SyncPipes
    /up | Upgrade your base with one command
    7 Backpack Rows

$50 Per Month

    Includes all of the above perks + lifetime ELITE+ rank

Donator Perks

VIP+ Perks (3 Month Rank)

    Large Billboards Max 3x3
    8 Homes
    10 Second teleport
    7 SyncPipes
    6 Backpack Rows
    Workbench Covers Your Entire Base
    Instant Mixing Table
    Quick Sort For Boxes
    Kit VIP+ | MP5A4, Semi-Auto Pistol, 300 Pistol Bullets, Salvaged Tools, 10 Syringes, 5 Bandages, 10 Bean Cans, 10 Cactus, Large Gift
    Kit build+ | 15k Wood, 10k Stone, 5k Metal, 100HQM, 2 Metal Doors, Ladder Hatch, 150 Scrap, 2 Furnaces, 2 Codelocks, Sleeping Bag
    Spawn a Car
    Spawn a MiniCopter
    Call a Helicopter
    Sign Artist
    Craft a Lock-On Rocket
    Teleport to Outpost
    Teleport to Bandit Town

Elite Extras (Includes VIP+ Perks, not including VIP+ Kit)(3 Month Rank)

    Large Billboards Max 6x6
    8 SyncPipes
    Kit ELITE | Assault Rifle, Pump Shotgun, 5.56 Bullets, 12 Gauge Slugs, Salvaged Tools, 10 Syringes, 10 Bandages, 10 Cactus, Large Gift

Elite+ Extras (Includes VIP+ Perks, Not including previous kits)(3 Month Rank)

    Gardening+ Harvester
    Large Billboards Max 12x12
    10 Homes
    5 Second Teleport
    6 Backpack Rows
    12 SyncPipes
    Kit ELITE+ | Assault Rifle, Bolt-Action Rifle, SPAS12, 5.56 Bullets, 12 Gauge Incendiary Shells, Chainsaw, Jackhammer, 200 LGF, Large Gift
    Craft a Recycler
    Kit quarry | Gives you a Quarry and a Pumpjack


Non-Donator Commands

    /home add [name] | /home [name] | /home remove [name]
    /licence | Buy Vehicles
    /players | Current Player List
    /pm [username] [message] | Private Message
    /purge | Purge Details
/wipe | Wipe Details
    /s | Store
    /tpr [username] | Request to Teleport
    /trade [username] | Trade Items
    /warp | Shows a list of warps available (If any)
    /warp to bank

Donator Commands

(Please note that ELITE and ELITE+ do not include /kit VIP+)

VIP+ Extra Commands

    /p | 7 SyncPipes
    /kit vip+
    /kit build+
    /bgrade | BGrade 1 = Wood, 2 = Stone, 3 = Metal, 4 = Armoured
    /callheli (username)
    /sil (image link) | Sign Artist
    /craft.lockon | Lock-on Rockets
    /otp | Teleport to Outpost
    /btp | Teleport to Bandit Town

Elite Extras (Includes VIP+ Commands Excluding VIP+ kit.)

    /kit elite+

Elite+ Extras (Includes VIP+ Commands Excluding VIP+ & ELITE Kit.)

    /kit elite+
    /craft.recycler | Recycler
    /kit quarry | Gives you a Quarry and a Pumpjack

Coloured Names

    /colour #hexcode | Sets Username Colour
    /colour remove | Removes The Colour