OzRust Server Commands Raidable NPC Bases Raidable NPC bases will automatically spawn in. On the map the Red circle is hard, Yellow is medium and Green is easy. You can also spawn your own raids. /buyraid Base Elevators/Lifts You can build your very own base elevators. Look at a foundation you own and type /newlift - If your lift gets stuck, look at it and type /liftaid /s Shop! earn RP from killing animals, looting barrels, killing zombies, helicopter selling items etc. Then spend your hard earned RP in the /s store. Planting Trees Attention role players! Make your compound pretty by planting trees. Type /tree for a list of available trees. Tree's cost 50RP each. Buried Treasure You can buy maps to buried treasures from the /s store Fishing Turn a spear into a fishing rod by typing /makepole - Then left-click on the water. Bank Visit the NPC banker at /warp to bank - You have 4 slots. Bank available 24 hours after wipe. /codelock Automatically place a lock, or auto place a codelock when you place the door. (Advanced settings Donator only) /ad Autodoors. You can set your doors to close after a specific time or turn off auto door altogether. ad 10 would have a 10 second delay and /ad turns it off. /makepole Go fish a fish and make a rod with /makepole. Must be holding a spear. You will catch more fish wearing a boonie hat. /backpack Every player has additional storage in their /backpack. Donators have more slots. Access with /backpack (you can bind with: bind b backpack.open) /warp Type /warp to see the current community towns players have built. /tpr Teleport to another player (with their permission) type /tpr theirname - /tpc to cancel. /home Set a home inside your base. Type /sethome basename Then to get back there type /home basename - /removehome name /pm Send a private message to another player, Type /pm theirname hi /q There are a number of quests to choose from. type /q to open the menu. /players See who is online /purge When is the next purge? Type /purge for details /ranks See how many hours you have until your next rank! /wipe When is the next wipe? Type /wipe for details /remove Made a mistake building your base? Easy. Type /remove and click. /rustnet Type /rustnet for more details on security cameras. /stats Have a look at the server wide stats for this wipe. /ticket Send a message to the admins, type /ticket hi prescot is hacking /sdoor Sick of your doors opening outwards? Look at them and type /sdoor and they'll slide. /trade Trade some gear to a friend. type /trade theirname /licence Buy a boat, minicopter or car. Use /licence /vote Vote for us on rust-servers.net for daily rewards! /craft.lockon (ELITE+ Donator Only) Donators can craft lock-on rockets to take the plane down. /craft.lockon for more details. /mymini (Donator Only) Donators can spawn one free Minicopter per day. /recycler.craft (Donator Only) Craft a recycler for your base! /bgrade (Donator Only) Automatically build in the grade that you want! /bgrade 1 is wood, /bgrade 2 is stone, 3-4 frags - high quality. /sil (Donator Only) Paste in any picture from the web! Look closely at the picture and type /sil https://i.imgur.com/VC2rHQc.png (notice it ends in .png - it must end in the file name or it will not work. - .jpg work as well) /neon - (Donator Only) Create awesome neon signs! /neon for more details /colours - (OzRust Store Purchase) Use /colours to see a list of options. /colour <hexcode> or /colour clear to remove. /otp - (Donator Only) Teleport to the Outpost. /btp (Donator Only) Teleport to Bandit Town.